Nov 082018
Growth opportunities in international business

What is happening in international business? Last October, Leif Holmvall, an international business consultant with 50 years of experience, gave an exclusive conference at EADA about the future of export and growth opportunities in international business. After the introduction of Jan Jonckheere, Professor of the EADA’s Direction of International Business programme, Holmvall told about what […]

Mar 122018
EADA International Week 2018: Innovative entrepreneurship

Felipe Jánica: “Digital component is a must, not an option” EADA’s International Week 2018 analyzes from today until Friday 16th March the effect of innovative entrepreneurship on the sustainability and perdurability of the business. This seminar, conducted by Ernst & Young global partner Felipe Jánica, aims to understand the conceptual framework of innovation and corporate […]

Mar 062018
EADA International Week 2018: Sustainability & Well-being

Ph. D. Florencia Sortheix: “Happiness may be consistent with sustainable lifestyles” Everything is ready for a new edition of the EADA International Week, one of the cornerstones of EADA’s master programmes that will be held from the 12th to the 16th of March. It is an opportunity to study a topic outside your usual curriculum […]

May 122017
Tourism and Hospitality Management challenges

Tourism management: Technology and sustainable measures In April, participants of the Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management attended the Forum TurisTIC in Barcelona. This two-day event dedicated to technology and sustainable tourism brought together international experts in the field. We asked the Italian participant Giacomo D’Ayala what he learned at the event with us. In […]

Ene 142016
How to implement sustainability measures in supply chain?

Ph.D. Desirée Knoppen: “Supply chain professionals are able to see the whole ecology of a firm´s business” Overwhelming scientific evidence has been ignored or simply put aside. As a consequence, the 2015 UN climate change conference in Paris does not aim anymore to stop global warming (as was the aim of the Kyoto protocol) but rather […]