Ene 192018
Tips to achieve excellence in Operations Management

Ph.D. Rita Maria DiFrancesco: “Industrial excellence allows companies to improve the customer satisfaction” When we hear of “industrial excellence” we often think about great execution, high efficiency, outstanding performances, and so on. Which is not wrong. However, the idea behind benchmarking industrial excellence across industries goes far beyond these concepts. With this purpose, researchers from […]

May 102016
Industry 4.0: about making stuff and being sexy

Ph.D. Desirée Knoppen: “Manufacturing is not anymore based on mass production paradigms, but rather on customer and environment centred perspectives” The fourth industrial revolution is taking place at a vertiginous speed. The new buzzwords are digitization, interconnectivity, artificial intelligence, data life cycles, 3D-printing, and the Internet of things. Beyond buzzwords, this is all about blurring […]

Ene 142016
How to implement sustainability measures in supply chain?

Ph.D. Desirée Knoppen: “Supply chain professionals are able to see the whole ecology of a firm´s business” Overwhelming scientific evidence has been ignored or simply put aside. As a consequence, the 2015 UN climate change conference in Paris does not aim anymore to stop global warming (as was the aim of the Kyoto protocol) but rather […]

Oct 202014
<!--:en-->Sales & Operations Planning: the experience of Almirall<!--:-->

Desirée Knoppen Operations Management and Information Systems Department Once you have had the great idea and elaborated a novel product, it´s all about coordination. Companies today have established broader business processes with a transversal focus, such as product development, sales generation, and sales satisfaction. The key question that remains is, how to integrate these processes? […]

Sep 092013
<!--:en-->Purchasing: bridging the gap between strategic intentions and tactical realities<!--:-->

Desirée Knoppen Operations Management and Information Systems Department Companies increasingly depend upon resources from outside the firm. Successful companies view purchasing as a strategic function that buys these external resources and manages the associated supplier relationships with a pro-active and long-term perspective. In that sense, purchasing has evolved from a clerical function to an increasingly […]