Jul 142016
EADA hosts the first GEMBA Homecoming Event

Four generations of Global Executive MBA gathered at EADA’s Residencial Training Centre A total of 29 participants from Global Executive MBA gathered at the first GEMBA Homecoming Event hosted at EADA’s Residential Training Centre in Collbató on June 24 and 25. There were attendees from the three last three editions and the fourth that just […]

Feb 172016
What do you look for in an employer?

Melissa Claire Handley: “Millennials look for innovation and creativity, professional growth, flexibility and rewarding work environment” In the quest facing companies today to find and retain talent, what do employees need to see in their ‘ideal’ employer? Data in publishing on millennials and employees working in corporations all over the globe indicate the following aspects […]

Feb 032016
Networking event with EADA's participants

Successful business networking EADA MBAs and International Master Programmes students got together on January 22nd in Barcelona to learn the secrets of the do’s and don’ts of networking and also the techniques needed for pitching –before and after networking–. Around 100 students gathered at the event to listen to the recruitment professional, trainer and talent […]