Ago 092018
Relational leadership: A new paradigm of leadership

Keys to implementing relational leadership in the organisation One of the top recommended books by Forbes for creative leaders in 2018 is Relational Leadership: Theory, Practice and Development. The author is Nicholas Clarke, professor of Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management at EADA Business School. One of the things that Clarke tried to achieve in […]

Jul 142016
EADA hosts the first GEMBA Homecoming Event

Four generations of Global Executive MBA gathered at EADA’s Residencial Training Centre A total of 29 participants from Global Executive MBA gathered at the first GEMBA Homecoming Event hosted at EADA’s Residential Training Centre in Collbató on June 24 and 25. There were attendees from the three last three editions and the fourth that just […]

Jul 282015
<!--:en-->EADA Startup Day: The experience of Edoardo Peschechera in tech and innovation field<!--:-->

The successful story of Edoardo Peschechera: From Apple to a startup Edoardo Peschechera, Italian, 30 years old, is one of the four EADA Alumni who took part in the recent EADA Startup Day, an event addressed to current International Master in Management participants. Peschechera finished this programme in 2009. As he said in the conference, […]

Jun 252015
<!--:en-->EADA’s participants learn different ways of managing in extreme situations<!--:-->

Managing Humanitarian Emergencies seminar in Collbató: Skills to apply to business world NGOs, non-profit entities and volunteers respond everyday to emergencies suffered by the victims of wars and conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics and nutritional crises. They all have to make difficult decisions in complex settings and contexts. In order to show how they deal with these […]

Mar 032015
<!--:en-->Interview with the EADA Alumni Yannick Kpodar, much more than an entrepreneur<!--:-->

Yannick Kpodar: “I am dedicated to investing in myself and in the development of future leaders” Raised in Washington D.C., educated in France, United Kingdom and Spain, Yannick Kpodar –27 years old– is a multicultural businessman with domestic and international experiences leading projects for many companies around the world. After leading the market expansion of […]