May 122017
Tourism and Hospitality Management challenges

Tourism management: Technology and sustainable measures In April, participants of the Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management attended the Forum TurisTIC in Barcelona. This two-day event dedicated to technology and sustainable tourism brought together international experts in the field. We asked the Italian participant Giacomo D’Ayala what he learned at the event with us. In […]

Jun 302016
EADA International Masters Closing Ceremony

Multiculturalism, emotional speeches and beautiful photos at EADA International Masters Closing Ceremony Eight hundred attendees from more than 50 different countries gathered at the EADA-Residential Training Centre on June 20 to celebrate the International Masters Closing Ceremony. The event was an emotional one, shared with the family and friends who attended. President of the EADA […]

Feb 252014
<!--:en-->Storytelling: Las empresas seducen a través de relatos fascinantes<!--:-->

En el actual mundo globalizado, donde estamos expuestos a un exceso de información, cada vez es más difícil contar algo que sea interesante y que sorprenda. Por ello, la técnica del storytelling, que consiste en crear relatos que siguen la estructura de los cuentos, cobra cada vez más importancia a la hora de explicar cualquier […]