Mar 142017
The revolution of innovation management

Eric Viardot: “Innovation technology and change management are the two sides of the same coin” The companies are increasingly introducing in their core business terms like innovation management, digital revolution or innovative disruption. Do all these concepts refer to simple buzzwords or, in contrast, to a real revolution which is changing the business models? About […]

Sep 012015
<!--:en-->Dr. Shelley Carson shares her thoughts on ‘Creativity and Out of the Box Thinking’ at EADA<!--:-->

Dr. Shelley Carson: “If we filter less, we will be more creative” EADA was pleased to welcome Harvard professor and researcher Shelley Carson, a world-renowned authority on neurocreativity. Dr. Carson’s presentation, ‘Creativity and Out of the Box Thinking’ was focused on a concept that she analyses in depth in her book Your Creative Brain. “The […]

Jul 032015
<!--:en-->Business management vs. humanitarian management: two connected worlds<!--:-->

Managing Humanitarian Emergencies seminar in Collbató: Training the skills required in humanitarian crises Extreme situations are often a good test to know our abilities to make complex decisions. One of the best examples corresponds to managing emergencies in international conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics and nutritional crises. For instance, leadership, communication, strategic vision or teamwork are […]

Jun 252015
<!--:en-->EADA’s participants learn different ways of managing in extreme situations<!--:-->

Managing Humanitarian Emergencies seminar in Collbató: Skills to apply to business world NGOs, non-profit entities and volunteers respond everyday to emergencies suffered by the victims of wars and conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics and nutritional crises. They all have to make difficult decisions in complex settings and contexts. In order to show how they deal with these […]

Jun 252015
<!--:en-->How to manage the innovation process in a company?<!--:-->

Managing innovation marketing: The adoption of innovation strategies in a company We interview Eric Viardot, EADA’s Global Innovation Management Centre (GIMCE) and Corporate Strategy and Marketing professor at EADA, and Alexander Brem, EADA’s visiting professor. They both have recently published Adoption of Innovation. Balancing internal and external stakeholders in the marketing of innovation. This edited […]

Jun 172015
<!--:en-->From managing humanitarian emergencies to managing enterprises<!--:-->

The EADA’s campus in Collbató became a refugee camp due to the ‘Managing Humanitarian Emergencies’ seminar During two weeks on March, EADA’s participants from different programmes had once again the chance to choose two from 24 seminars in order to complement their training at the business school. It was due a new edition of EADA’s […]

Jun 122015
<!--:en-->Creativity and innovation management<!--:-->

Creativity and innovation management: How to manage innovation? Bill Clinton famous motto “It´s the economy, stupid” was coined as focusing on the important issues of a situation. In the presidential campaign of 1992, the incumbent president Bush was relying on external politics with the American success in the invasion in Irak in 1991. He lost […]

May 292015
<!--:en-->A journey to India with the International MBA participants <!--:-->

Innovation in emerging markets: The case of India On May 1, while most people were heading out on vacation, International MBA participants of the Global Innovation Management Track were preparing for a week-long international trip to India. The goal was to explore innovation in emerging markets, using as a base the Indian Institute of Management […]

Feb 202014
<!--:en-->The ISPIM ‘Teaching & Coaching Innovation’ visits EADA<!--:-->

The ISPIM ‘Teaching & Coaching Innovation’ Special Interest Group is having a workshop in EADA 19 & 20 February to address the growing demand for mastering teaching and coaching capabilities in the innovation management field. About 30 teachers, trainers, lecturers and facilitators are learning  how to make the teaching & learning processes of innovation management interactive, engaging, motivating, illustrative, efficient, […]

Feb 192014
<!--:en-->The Sixth Wave:  the Rise of Creative Cities<!--:-->

By Xavier Ferràs Hernández Professor and member of the Global Innovation Management Centre EADA Innovation is no longer driven by states or nations. It’s driven by cities. The key for future competitiveness is the development of local ecosystems. And these ecosystems are built around cities. Some years ago, I developed the thesis of the six […]