Feb 182015
<!--:en-->Building business schools for the future <!--:-->

Jordi Díaz, Associante dean of programmes for EADA After attending three conferences on business education on three different continents, Jordi Diaz began to ponder the role of business schools in today’s world and the new expectations of participants in business training programs. “We need to start with China and Latin America, commonly known as the […]

Abr 082013
<!--:en-->Evolution of Innovation Management: Three major trends <!--:-->

Dr. Eric Viardot, professor and researcher of Business Policy Department at EADA In my new book “Evolution of Innovation Management: Trends in an International Context”, published by Palgrave MacMillan and co-edited with my colleague Alexander Brem, I am exploring how companies are coping with the recent trends in innovation. The various contributions to the book […]