Ene 172017
Finance and accounting management trends

Bruno Cohanier: “To become a CFO you need to prove you are a capable cross-disciplinary manager” We welcome to Ph.D. Bruno Cohanier, from France, has just joined EADA’s Finance and Accounting Management Department. He has a wide experience in designing programmes on Management Accounting and Financial Accounting for several business schools. One of his research interest […]

May 122016
Business trip of EADA's international participants to Frankfurt

50 EADA’s participants from Finance and Accounting programmes visit financial institutions in Frankfurt Barcelona is considered one of the most attractive cities in the world and EADA’s location in the centre of this vibrant cosmopolitan city can only be an advantage to our participants! Our business school offers 2 full-time master programmes for graduates pursuing […]

Jun 052015
<!--:en-->Should we impair or amortize goodwill?<!--:-->

Reasons for and against impairment and amortization in goodwill Current accounting standards mandate that goodwill is measured at cost less any accumulated impairment losses. The acquirer must test goodwill for impairment annually or more frequently. Previous standards required goodwill to be amortized annually. The debate however is still open, should we impair or should we amortize […]

Jul 082013
<!--:en-->Reunión de antiguos participantes del 2011<!--:-->

El pasado 14 de junio tuvimos el placer de dar la bienvenida de nuevo a un grupo de antiguos alumnos de la edición del 2011. Entre los participantes encontramos representantes de los Masters en Finanzas, del International Master in Management y el International Master en Hospitality Management. Antes de dar inicio a todas las actividades […]

Abr 162013
<!--:en-->Does Accounting Matter? (I)<!--:-->

PhD. Soledad Moya Finance and Management Control Department After quite a lot of years (best years ever) as an academic in Accounting, I still find myself with these two questions in the classroom. Does Accounting matter? Is not Accounting a boring and useless matter? And of course, the answers are: yes it does matter and […]