Jul 022014
<!--:en-->Participants of the Global Executive Master in Operations & SCM overcome the third residential module <!--:-->

Desirée Knoppen Operations Management and Information Systems Department From June 18-21 EADA has hosted the third residential module of GEMOS (Global Executive Master in Operations & SCM). The courses focussed this time on service operations management, project management, and capacity/queue management, as well as on further development of leadership skills. Learning by doing and more […]

Jun 252014
<!--:en-->EADA's Master in Finance and Master in Accounting & Finance participants to Frankfurt on a business trip<!--:-->

Nigel Hayes, Programme Director at EADA Nigel Hayes Director of the Master in International Management, International Master in Finance and Master in Accounting & Finance programmes in EADA Earlier this month I took a group of Master in Finance (English and Spanish) and Master in Accounting & Finance participants to Frankfurt on a business trip. […]

Jun 062014
<!--:en-->Usefulness of the Management Commentary<!--:-->

PhD. Soledad Moya Finance and Management Control Department The roadmap towards comparability and transparency in Europe is leading some national accounting regulators, like the Spanish one for example, to devote efforts towards harmonization of accounting standards. But not only of accounting standards but also of financial information provided by entities and not always compulsory, but […]

May 062014
<!--:en-->Why having a family is good for work<!--:-->

I have been doing research on the work-family interface for 7 years now but it was not until a few years ago that I began to experience the benefits of having to manage both work and family responsibilities. Academics explain that work family enrichment happens when the experiences you get from being involved in a […]

Abr 102014
<!--:en-->El plan de negocio ha muerto. ¡Larga vida al plan de negocio!<!--:-->

Download the English Version of the post Carlos E. Morales, profesor e investigador del departamento académico de Dirección de personas de EADA Marcus Eduard Weenk, director del programa de Dirección de proyectos de EADA “A la hora de  prepararse para la batalla, siempre he pensado que los planes no sirven para nada, pero la planificación […]

Feb 202014
<!--:en-->The ISPIM ‘Teaching & Coaching Innovation’ visits EADA<!--:-->

The ISPIM ‘Teaching & Coaching Innovation’ Special Interest Group is having a workshop in EADA 19 & 20 February to address the growing demand for mastering teaching and coaching capabilities in the innovation management field. About 30 teachers, trainers, lecturers and facilitators are learning  how to make the teaching & learning processes of innovation management interactive, engaging, motivating, illustrative, efficient, […]

Feb 192014
<!--:en-->The Sixth Wave:  the Rise of Creative Cities<!--:-->

By Xavier Ferràs Hernández Professor and member of the Global Innovation Management Centre EADA Innovation is no longer driven by states or nations. It’s driven by cities. The key for future competitiveness is the development of local ecosystems. And these ecosystems are built around cities. Some years ago, I developed the thesis of the six […]

Feb 042014
<!--:en-->Evolution of Innovation Management. What does it take to move from a closed to an open innovation strategy?<!--:-->

E.Viardot, Ph. D Professor of Corporate Strategy and Marketing and Director of Innovation Centre at EADA In my new book “Evolution of Innovation Management: Trends in an International Context“, published by Palgrave MacMillan and co-edited with my colleague Alexander Brem, I have underlined that the open innovation trend,  where companies are expanding their boundaries for […]

Dic 192013
<!--:en-->Practice-oriented: Innovation Management and Corporate Finance for Experienced Managers <!--:-->

Residential week for the Global Executive MBA Program at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management 27 participants of the Global Executive MBA Program of German HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and Spanish Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración (EADA) are currently completing a residential week in Leipzig. The two-year part-time training for managers who […]

Dic 172013
<!--:en-->Creative consumers are on the rise!<!--:-->

E.Viardot, Ph. D Professor of Corporate Strategy and Marketing and Director of Innovation Centre at EADA In recent years, the phenomenon of creative consumers has attracted much research interest. Last year, approximately 70 articles in business publications referred specifically to the concept of creative consumers. Creative consumers are individual users or groups of individual users, […]