Jul 282015
<!--:en-->EADA Startup Day: The experience of Edoardo Peschechera in tech and innovation field<!--:-->

The successful story of Edoardo Peschechera: From Apple to a startup Edoardo Peschechera, Italian, 30 years old, is one of the four EADA Alumni who took part in the recent EADA Startup Day, an event addressed to current International Master in Management participants. Peschechera finished this programme in 2009. As he said in the conference, […]

Jul 162015
<!--:en-->EADA Startup Day: A holistic perspective of a startup given by four successful EADA Alumni<!--:-->

EADA Startup Day: EADA success stories guide International Master in Management participants with their first startup adventure Four EADA Alumni who have today become big entrepreneurs on projects with an international scope made room in their tight agenda last May 25th to explain their startup venture to current participants on the EADA International Master in […]