Jun 142017
Supply Chain Management: Emerging collaborative practices

New ways of collaborative relationships After 20 plus years of talking about collaboration, there is still a long way to go. Recent headlines reveal that companies struggle to work together despite strategic intent to collaborate or that they fail to leverage existing collaborative practices. The current global and collaborative economy presents multiple pressures to companies […]

Jun 102016
Tendencias en Operaciones y Supply Chain

Original: EADVAView 27   Analizamos junto a los profesores de EADA Desirée Knoppen, Àlex Grasas y Lluís Rosés hacia dónde va la gestión de las Operaciones y del Supply Chain, cuáles son las principales tendencias de futuro en un escenario en el que las empresas se juegan su competitividad. Outosourcing Cada vez son más las […]

May 132016
Operaciones y Supply Chain Management (I): Competir en costes y en propuesta de valor

Original: EADVAView 27 En los últimos años las empresas han buscado una mayor eficiencia para mantener el mismo servicio al cliente con un coste mejor o mejorarlo al mismo coste para poder ser competitivas. Este es el rompecabezas que debe resolver diariamente el COO (Chief Operations Officer), una de las figuras más estratégicas en una […]

May 102016
Industry 4.0: about making stuff and being sexy

Ph.D. Desirée Knoppen: “Manufacturing is not anymore based on mass production paradigms, but rather on customer and environment centred perspectives” The fourth industrial revolution is taking place at a vertiginous speed. The new buzzwords are digitization, interconnectivity, artificial intelligence, data life cycles, 3D-printing, and the Internet of things. Beyond buzzwords, this is all about blurring […]

Ene 142016
How to implement sustainability measures in supply chain?

Ph.D. Desirée Knoppen: “Supply chain professionals are able to see the whole ecology of a firm´s business” Overwhelming scientific evidence has been ignored or simply put aside. As a consequence, the 2015 UN climate change conference in Paris does not aim anymore to stop global warming (as was the aim of the Kyoto protocol) but rather […]

Ago 182015
<!--:en-->Operaciones y Supply Chain Management: El caso de éxito de Metro de Barcelona<!--:-->

Operaciones y Supply Chain Management: Estrategia de Operaciones al servicio de la experiencia del usuario Cada vez son más las empresas de servicios que desarrollan una estrategia de Operaciones y Supply Chain Management basada en conceptos y métodos tradicionalmente asociados a entornos industriales. Este es el caso de Metro de Barcelona, empresa que depende del […]

Jul 072015
<!--:en-->Supply Chain Management: Having the right talent, in the right place and at the right time<!--:-->

Supply Chain Manager: Searching for talent to deal with the new challenges Jobs in Supply Chain Management change. And they do so in an incredible pace, driven by widespread adoption of digital and mobile technologies, the customization of operations to different customer segments and sales channels, and the increased appreciation of supply chain risk. Major […]

Jul 022015
<!--:en-->Almirall opens its doors to GEMOS<!--:-->

The Barcelona-based pharmaceutical multinational with total revenues of €1,407MM in 2014 (company annual report) has welcomed GEMOS (Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management) in their Sant Andreu de la Barca plant. This plant is one of the three production plants of Almirall that deliver products to 31 countries across the globe. The […]

Oct 202014
<!--:en-->Sales & Operations Planning: the experience of Almirall<!--:-->

Desirée Knoppen Operations Management and Information Systems Department Once you have had the great idea and elaborated a novel product, it´s all about coordination. Companies today have established broader business processes with a transversal focus, such as product development, sales generation, and sales satisfaction. The key question that remains is, how to integrate these processes? […]

Jul 022014
<!--:en-->Participants of the Global Executive Master in Operations & SCM overcome the third residential module <!--:-->

Desirée Knoppen Operations Management and Information Systems Department From June 18-21 EADA has hosted the third residential module of GEMOS (Global Executive Master in Operations & SCM). The courses focussed this time on service operations management, project management, and capacity/queue management, as well as on further development of leadership skills. Learning by doing and more […]