Sep 012015
<!--:en-->Dr. Shelley Carson shares her thoughts on ‘Creativity and Out of the Box Thinking’ at EADA<!--:-->

Dr. Shelley Carson: “If we filter less, we will be more creative” EADA was pleased to welcome Harvard professor and researcher Shelley Carson, a world-renowned authority on neurocreativity. Dr. Carson’s presentation, ‘Creativity and Out of the Box Thinking’ was focused on a concept that she analyses in depth in her book Your Creative Brain. “The […]

Jun 172015
<!--:en-->From managing humanitarian emergencies to managing enterprises<!--:-->

The EADA’s campus in Collbató became a refugee camp due to the ‘Managing Humanitarian Emergencies’ seminar During two weeks on March, EADA’s participants from different programmes had once again the chance to choose two from 24 seminars in order to complement their training at the business school. It was due a new edition of EADA’s […]

Jun 122015
<!--:en-->Creativity and innovation management<!--:-->

Creativity and innovation management: How to manage innovation? Bill Clinton famous motto “It´s the economy, stupid” was coined as focusing on the important issues of a situation. In the presidential campaign of 1992, the incumbent president Bush was relying on external politics with the American success in the invasion in Irak in 1991. He lost […]

Nov 182013
<!--:en-->How social networks can help companies increase their creativity<!--:-->

PhD. Eric Viardot, professor and researcher of Business Policy Department at EADA In my new book “Evolution of Innovation Management: Trends in an International Context “, published by Palgrave MacMillan and co-edited with my colleague Alexander Brem, I am exploring how companies are trying to enlarge their sources of idea generation and creativity. Recent findings […]