Nov 212016
Black Friday: The great margin giveaway

Antony Poole: “Black Friday is not value creation but value destruction” As Christmas approaches, manufacturers and retailers will once again be getting into the spirit of giving starting on Black Friday and continuing with Cyber Monday –November 28th–. Consumers have some reason for cheer as they will be on the receiving end of the great margin giveaway. Finance […]

Nov 142016
First Brexit, now Trump. Some Lessons before Le Pen

Antony Poole: “Voting has many similarities to consumer decision-making” The victories of Brexit and Donald Trump have shocked people far more than it should have and it is a real possibility that Marine Le Pen will join them to form the holy trinity of populism. Voting has many similarities to consumer decision-making. In this case, […]

Oct 262016
Fraudes más comunes en la publicidad online

Publicidad online: ¿Fraude o burbuja? Este mes de septiembre Facebook ha admitido que durante los últimos dos años ha inflado –hasta un 80%– los datos del tiempo medio de visionado de vídeos en su plataforma debido a un “error de cálculo”. Parece que las cosas no han mejorado lo suficiente desde que en el 2013 […]

Oct 112016
A review of London’s Festival of Marketing 2016

Festival Of Marketing 2016: The march of the machines Technology has never been so present in our daily lives and in the practice of business. It is no surprise then that it has been an overwhelming presence in the talks, panels and company stands at the recent Festival Of Marketing 2016 (FOM16). As this festival […]

Sep 302016
Four landmarks in Barcelona host the presentation of the international masters

Banc Sabadell, the Hotel Arts, Moritz factory and ACCIÓ become the first classroom of EADA’s international participants Doing networking and interacting with local and international companies from the first day of class is the main objective of EADA. For this reason, this year our international participants had the opportunity to start the programme in different […]

May 302016
Brexit, más identidad que economía

“No se trata de más o menos, sino de una Europa de más calidad” El pasado 5 de mayo del 2016, Londres mostró la mejor cara de la sociedad británica: abierta, integradora, capaz de incorporar a su sentido de identidad nacional cualquier persona que comparta esos mismos valores. El próximo referéndum en Gran Bretaña podría […]

Nov 302015
Consecuencias negativas del Black Friday

Black Friday: Comercio suicida   Desde Carrefour hasta las asociaciones de comercio locales, Black Friday – el día de descuentos salvajes– se está afianzando en España. El origen del viernes negro se encuentra en Estados Unidos y está asociado a una de sus fiestas nacionales más importantes: el Día de Acción de Gracias. Dado que tal […]

Nov 182015
Hype and Fundamentals (III): Creating Value versus Optimizing Touchpoints

A Review of Day Two at FOM15 My final post in the FOM15 will add some additional insight from the second day of the FOM event and complement the themes identified during the first day. My experience on the first day was dominated by the tension between a “brave new world” and time-tested fundamentals. The […]

Nov 122015
Hype and Fundamentals.  A Review of Day One at FOM15 (II)

by Antony Poole, Programme Director of International Master of Marketing  (EADA) The next session I attended was again in the area of content, this time very specifically addressing user generated content (“UGC”).  Presented by a specialized technology / marketing services provider and one of their clients (Vodafone), this session confirmed some things and raised the ghost […]

Nov 122015
Hype and Fundamentals.  A Review of Day One at FOM15 (I)

This post aims to share some insights from the first day of Festival of Marketing 2015 (FOM15) in London. The idea of bringing 32 participants from our International Master in Marketing EADA to this event is simple: provide a quick and intense immersion into the latest practice in Marketing and the issues that leading professionals […]