Mar 022018

The experience of Luc Smeets, EADA Master in Marketing participant

Luc Smeets, from The Netherlands, is currently undertaking the international Master in Marketing at EADA.

Luc Smeets, from The Netherlands, is currently undertaking the international Master in Marketing at EADA.

As an International Master in Marketing participant at EADA Business School, I had the opportunity to visit the 4YFN (Four Years From Now). This is a business event where startups, investors, corporations and public institutions can discover, create and launch new ventures together. As the startup event of the largest gathering for the mobile industry (Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2018), 4YFN has been classed as the reference startup event for doing business and with a large array of activities provided for all of those attending.

It was an event full of innovations and interesting talks. In the beginning, I did not know what to expect from an event like this, as I have never been to such something before. It was a true mixture of investors, students, start-ups and corporations being able to connect together.

The event consisted of panel discussions, keynotes, workshops and pitches. Moreover at the venue lots of small start-ups where present, all willing to talk and share their ideas regarding their product or new technologies with you. The vibe was very welcome and a bit overwhelming at the same time but as you walked around got more comfortable and eager to learn about all the new technologies.

Automation: Risk or opportunity?

As a Marketing student, I was particularly interested in how these new technologies would impact my future career. We have all heard the stories of machines taking over our jobs; some studies claimed that almost 50% of our jobs could be automated by 2030. But the event gave me new insights and more reasons to be positive about my future career.

First of all as some speakers claimed, we should be critical about what we read and hear. It is a human that understand machines better than you that will take your job, not a machine. Eventually, the machine created many more jobs in the 20th century and we became more creative. We always judge our future based on our current knowledge but we should keep in mind that knowledge is evolving. We have to think that we are the ones who make the questions, not the machines. First, you need to identify problems, you cannot ask machines to do something that we can’t do.

Moreover, we should also think about the aging population, there would be changes in the type of jobs. As the demographic pyramid is changing, the potential hypothetical loss will be solved by less demand of working as well.

I believe that if we understand better how something works, we will have more trust, therefore transparency and events like this are important. The problem is lack of talent therefore we should be constantly learning. As a student be open and flexible and adapt how to contribute to society. Most of the current best-paid jobs did not exist a long time ago!

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