May 122016

50 EADA’s participants from Finance and Accounting programmes visit financial institutions in Frankfurt

Barcelona is considered one of the most attractive cities in the world and EADA’s location in the centre of this vibrant cosmopolitan city can only be an advantage to our participants! Our business school offers 2 full-time master programmes for graduates pursuing a professional career in the areas of Finance (International Master in Finance) and Accounting (International Master in Accounting and Financial Management).

Today, we can proudly say that EADA’s Master in Finance is ranked 24th in the world by the Financial Times and is a partner of the CFA Institute since 2012. In relation to the Master in Accounting programme, it is totally aligned with the ACCA requirements so our students are exempt from 6 out of 9 ACCA’s exam papers.

Our academic year runs from October to June and includes an exciting business trip to a European financial capital. This year we set off to Frankfurt with 50 participants from the Masters in Finance and Master in Accounting and Financial Management programmes for an intensive two-day visit to some of the most important financial institutions and consulting firms in this German city.

Visiting the most important financial landmarks

Our first stop was the headquarters of Deutsche Bank, where we had a presentation from Dr. Michael Adams, Vice President of the Corporate and Investment Bank on Corporate Forex Risk Management, followed by an open Q&A session on the banking sector. After lunch, the students split into two groups to visit the offices of Bearing Point and KPMG. During these visits our students had the opportunity to know first-hand how two leading consulting companies work and to make valuable contacts for their professional future. In the evening, we joined the two groups back together and enjoyed a nice dinner at a traditional restaurant in the city centre.

Constantin von Elverfeldt, a Master in Accounting and Financial Management participant, has commented that “experiencing Frankfurt’s nightlife with such a global and great group of students made it unforgettable”.

EADA’s participants had the chance to discuss about the current challenges for the Eurozone, such as ‘Brexit’ or the financial crisis

On Friday morning we headed to the European Central Bank, where we were given a brief guided tour of the new building followed by an in-depth presentation from Dr. Arne Gieseck, senior economist, on macro-economic developments in the Eurozone. After the presentation students discussed the current challenges for the Euro area, “Brexit” possible consequences and the convergence issues following the financial crisis.

Marwan Auda, a Master in Finance participant, described the trip as a fruitful experience: “We had the opportunity to visit two of the most important financial landmarks in Frankfurt being the European Central Bank and Deutsche Bank HQ. During the visit to the ECB, we met with the Advisor in the Output and Demand Division whereas we had an informative session on the macroeconomic developments in the Euro area and the current challenges.

Regarding Deutsche Bank, we had another instructive and useful session with the VP, it was interesting to thoroughly know how such universal bank functions in terms of trading and managing its daily risks”. Finally Constantin added: “Being able to see the ECB from within was exciting!!!”

Post written by Jaume Bonet, Programme Director and Associate Professor Finance & Management Control, and Mireia Serres, EADA International Master Programmes assistant.

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