Jul 022014

Dra. Desirée Knoppen (EADA)Desirée Knoppen

Operations Management and Information Systems Department

From June 18-21 EADA has hosted the third residential module of GEMOS (Global Executive Master in Operations & SCM). The courses focussed this time on service operations management, project management, and capacity/queue management, as well as on further development of leadership skills.

Global Executive Master in Operations and SCM group Learning by doing and more precisely the case study methodology continues to be a thread in our approach to learning. Courses were complemented with an invited guest speaker (the general director of Casa Camper, a key reference of how to apply operations frameworks and concepts to the service sector) and a company visit (TCB, Terminal de Contenedores de Barcelona, a vivid illustration of how companies finally move their products around the world).

Dinner in the Barceloneta – the place to be when visiting the beach in Barcelona- was an imperative element on the agenda, and a good complement to the Collbató residential center experience.

Global Executive Master in Operations and SCM group

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