Feb 202014

ISPIM at EADAThe ISPIM ‘Teaching & Coaching Innovation’ Special Interest Group is having a workshop in EADA 19 & 20 February to address the growing demand for mastering teaching and coaching capabilities in the innovation management field.

About 30 teachers, trainers, lecturers and facilitators are learning  how to make the teaching & learning processes of innovation management interactive, engaging, motivating, illustrative, efficient, appropriate for today’s students and to altogether perform it differently.

In this hands-on workshop, participants are learning new and different approaches, and try out a wide range of exercises and games addressing many of the common themes in innovation management such as new product development, innovation strategy, innovation capabilities, innovation design and
implementation etc.

Led by:

  • John Bessant, University of Exeter, UK, the co-author of the textbooks “Managing Innovation” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, published by Wiley & Sons.
  • Anna Trifilova, Fraunhofer MOEZ & University of Leipzig, Germany, co-founder of the futureofinnovation.org, Leader of ISPIM’s Teaching & Coaching Innovation Special Interest Group.

Conferencia ISPIM at EADA

Conferencia ISPIM at EADA

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