Nov 122012

Tuesday 20 November

Room 43

Fairtrade has been a topic of significant interest to previous students and I am delighted to announce that Eduard Cantos from SETEM, a Non Government Organisation has agreed to speak about Fairtrade at the Green Business Society.

Speaker Profile: Eduard has devoted most of his career to the non-profit sector and holds a post graduate degree of management in non-profit organisations (ESADE). He is an associate professor at the University of New Haven and author of the book ‘El Porqué del Comercio Justo’ and co-authored ‘Café Amargo’ and ‘Deshaciendo la Madeja’.

Fairtrade Facts & Figures:

In 2011 sales of fair-trade products reached €4.9bn – +11% on 2010 (Europe 3.4bn€ – USA 1bn€ – Rest of the World 0.5bn€).
Fairtrade represents 1.2m farmers in 66 countries.
Starbucks, Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s), Cadburys, Mars (Maltesers), Nestle (KitKat) – all have made major commitments to fair-trade.
Sainsbury’s supermarket in the UK is the largest retailer of fair-trade by sales in the world, with a range of over 800 products and a strategic target to double sales to €600m by 2015.

To find out the answers to the following questions and many more, I hope you will be able to attend the seminar and join the discussion.

·        What is Fair-trade (Comercio Justo)? How does it work?

·        What is wrong with the current system? What are the current social impacts?

·        Is it driven by consumer demand?

·        What are the tangible benefits for the farmers and co-operatives?

·        Are Fair-trade products more expensive?

·        Why are these global companies embracing Fair-trade?

Please register here.

International MBA: If you attend 5 of the GBS seminars and complete a sustainable elective course in semester 3 – EADA will issue you with a ‘Statement of Accomplishment’

For more information on SETEM: Here

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