Jun 292012

Global Executive MBA EADA

The 19th of June 2012 the first meeting of the Corporate Advisory Board of the Global EMBA EADA-HHL was held at the Airport Conference Center of Frankfurt.The Corporate Advisory Board is an international consultancy committee with the aim of keeping the content and frame of the Global Executive MBA in line with business reality. It is composed of six independent business professionals from global companies:

  • Dr. Matthias Afting, Head of Global HR and Organization Vorwerk & Co. KG
  • Margaret Chen, Corporate Director for Asia, Telefonica
  • Dr. Mark-Ken Erdmann, Deputy CFO Rickmers Group
  • Dr. Richard Pott, Board Member Bayer AG
  • Joseph Schelchshorn, Executive Vice President Human Resources SEAT S.A.
  • Enrique Vilamitjana, Managing Director Panasonic Home Appliances Air Conditioning Europe (PHAAE).

Five of these prominent business executives were able to attend this meeting, which resulted very fruitful. The format and content of the Programme were discussed in detail and the Board members gave feedback from their real business life perspective. Characteristics of the Programme especially appreciated by them are:

  • The Global EMBA being the only Spanish-German programme of its kind;
  • The value for money proposition;
  • The flexibility to choose two international modules out of the three offered;
  • The attractive geographic spread (Germany, Spain, China, India, Brazil);
  • Double-degree with the prestige of EADA and HHL.

The members expressed their full commitment to the Programme and their willingness to get also involved in it via their contributions as guest speakers, case study facilitators, or organizing company visits to their prestigious companies. During the meeting there was also time for the members of the Board to get acquainted with each other and extend as such their international networks.

EADA and HHL are extremely satisfied to count with the commitment of this Corporate Advisory Board as it assures our Global EMBA is in close liaison with companies operating in a global world.

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